Upcoming Top Car Shows to Lookout for in 2017

Upcoming Top Car Shows to Lookout for in 2017

There are various top car shows that held every year in different areas of the world. These auto shows are considered to be the best place for the companies to show their top, new and outclass vehicles. Many companies redesigned their vehicles and show their redesigned versions in the auto show and some companies present the totally new version of their vehicles.

These auto shows are also the best place for the concept vehicles as the companies get the immediate feedback from different masses and that reviews often help them to rethink to introduce the production version and most companies decided to immediately launch the production version, it all depends on the response of the masses. Auto shows are always considered to be the most awaited event in the world as different companies show their Cars, SUVs, Sports Cars, Trucks, Bicycles and Concept Cars at various auto shows.

Top Car Shows – History of Auto Shows

Everything in this world is for a purpose and each and everything have a certain background so as the auto shows. The history of auto shows goes behind to the 19th Century and it seems odd, but it is a reality. The first auto show was held in the city of Perfumes, oh yes! You catch it right it was held in Paris in 1898 at the City’s Famous Grand Palais. This was the first auto show and the amazing thing is that it is still one of the most important auto shows in the world.

Top Car Shows - History of Auto Shows

America never remain behind in anything so as in the auto shows oh yes! You again catch it right, the second auto show was held in America in 1900. The American auto show hits the soil of New York and then it spread to the various American cities that include Chicago, Buffalo, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Cleveland.

At that time period many people rush to saw the auto shows and in a short period of time every city has its own auto show and this clearly represents the interest of people in auto shows. Still, the auto shows are considered to be one of the most interesting events and car lovers anxiously await every year to see various top car shows.

Leading Auto Shows

Various companies worked throughout the year to present the best models in the auto shows as it is a platform that is well-thought-out to be the best stage for the outstanding vehicles. Many auto shows held on and off every year and various auto shows are in pipeline as well. Few of them are Moscow Comtrans 2017, Frankfurt IAA 2017 and Sofia Motor Show 2017. Here is the detailed information about these auto shows.

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Moscow Comtrans 2017

Comtrans 2017 is one of the latest motor show and it is considered to be the most leading auto show off Russia as various top Russian brand and international manufacturers show their vehicles in this auto show. The owners are hopeful that more than 200 companies from 18 countries will demonstrate their vehicles at the auto show and they are expecting more than 1500 visitors.

Moscow Comtrans 2017

Moscow 2017 Comtrans auto show will be held on September 5, 2017, till September 9, 2017, at International Exhibition Centre Crocus Expo Russia. This auto show will open its stage to the lighter vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. This exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Trade and Industries Russian Federation, the Association of European Businesses and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

The owners of Moscow Comtrans 2017 said that we are getting a huge response from various countries that not only include neighboring countries, but we are also getting a massive appreciation from Central and Western Europe, Africa, China, and Turkey. Even the people and companies from Indian and Korea are also giving us a positive response. They further said it will not be wrong to say that Moscow Comtrans auto show is considered to be one of the leading auto shows.

Moscow Comtrans gives its more than 40,000 square meters soil for the companies to demonstrate their vehicles and even various companies who were the part of the previous auto show again registered their names for Moscow Comtrans 2017.

The press day will be held on September 4, 2017, and on this day a 17th award ceremony “Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia” will also hold. This contest is considered to be one of the key events of this auto show. The jury of this contest will be based on the journalists and the aim of this contest is to increase the transport efficiency, sales rate, purchase conditions and technical solutions.

Frankfurt IAA 2017

2017 Frankfurt IAA is the latest auto show as it is going to be held on September 14, 2017, to September 24, 2017, in Frankfurt, Germany. Many companies will demonstrate their Passenger cars, motor car, motorcycles, parts, and accessories at the auto show. Servicing products, repair, telematics, and maintenance will also be the part of this auto show.

Frankfurt IAA 2017

The history of IAA goes back to the era of 1897 and the first show was held at Hotel Bristol in Berlin. In 1897 to 1911 the IAA auto show become the fixed event held in Germany every year. After that, this auto show was started to hit the soil of Frankfurt, Germany on and off after a year or two and now it is considered to be one of the latest motor show.

This latest auto show is now going to show its glow on September 14, 2017, by full charm and glance. Various companies registered them for this show that includes Audi and it is expected that Audi will show its A7 in the auto show. Rumors are in the air that Audi will also uncover its new models as in the auto show that includes rear-wheel-drive R8 GT and RS4 Avant.

Bentley never remain behind, yes! Bentley Continent GT will also use the floor of Frankfurt 2017. The auto show is going to held and you cannot see the vehicle of BMW oh! It’s nearly impossible as the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo will show its spark in the auto show along with M5, i3, and i3s. Oh! Wait a minute you read that BMW is going to be the part of the auto show then how can we forget that the BMW X7 SUV a concept vehicle is also included in the list, so just get ready to see the concept vehicle in that latest motor show as well.

The list of did not stop here as the other renowned companies are also going to hit the territory of Frankfurt that includes Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, and Kia. Wait for a second you think the list stops here, no not at all, how can you not see the vehicle of Mercedes. Mercedes-AMG project one will also hit the mud of the auto show. Face lifted S-Class, X-CLASS, GLC F-CELL and Plug-in Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will also share the stage of Frankfurt 2017.

MINI, Porsche, Smart and Toyota will also equally share the stage with other vehicles at Frankfurt 2017.

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Sofia Motor Show 2017

Another latest auto show is Sofia motor show 2017 that is going to be held on October 13, 2017, till October 22, 2017, at Inter Expo Center Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is also named as the famous auto show and various auto companies from all around the world took part in the motor show every year.

Sofia Motor Show 2017

The luxury cars, specialist cars, passenger cars, scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds will be the part of the auto show. Off-road vehicles, garage, service equipment’s, dyes and oil will also share the stage. The other things that will be the part of this auto show include the lubricants, tyres, batteries, and auto electrical things by various companies, dealers, and manufacturers.

Top car shows always grasps the attention of masses and famous companies as the companies get a chance to show their latest vehicles and concept vehicles. On the other hand, the people get a chance to see the amazing and breathtaking vehicles at one platform. The auto shows always remained a hot topic among companies and masses. It is expected that these auto shows will never lose their charm and will continue to amaze people every year by hitting the streets of various countries.

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