Top Car Shows – Most Scintillating Cars and Other Highlights from New York Auto Show

Top Car Shows - Most Scintillating Cars and Other Highlights from New York Auto Show

New York International Auto Show is one of the top car shows around the world and brings new automotive innovations on display every year. All top car brands look forward to the opportunity of getting their best cars on the floor of New York Auto Show to mark the excellence they have achieved in automotive engineering in their new cars.

The Gala event turns over a new leaf every time with exciting car launches and brings into consideration a progressive face of the automotive industry. From Nissan to Ford and Mercedes to Porsche, the focus of this latest auto show remained on fascinating the car enthusiasts by serving as a platform for the launch event of the most futuristic vehicles of the era.

While New York Auto Show brought great laurels to its reputation with yet another successful edition, we review some of the most scintillating cars and other significant highlights from the year’s most prolific, traditional, contemporary, futurists and sports car show.

Dodge Demon – The Beast Unleashed

If any of you out there ever thought that Dodge already had done it with its Hellcat, it was just an outset of the ultimate unleashing of a beast in Dodge Demon. The Dodge Demon is heck of a vehicle with nothing orthodox about it. In fact the Demon by Dodge can easily take your breath away as it hits the road.

Dodge Demon - The Beast Unleashed

Dodge with its Hellcat and now the Demon is clearly focused on ruling the muscle car market of 21st century. The design of the Demon depicts an amazing merger of a vintage appeal and contemporary design aesthetics. The Dodge Demon is a beat for its enthralling performance specifications, highly durable build-quality and a driving experience that takes you back in the sublime era of muscle cars.

Listed below are some of the mind-boggling specifications and features of the 2017 Dodge Demon:

Engine: V8 6.2-Litre Supercharged

Horsepower: 840hp

Torque: 1045Nm

Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds

The looks of the Dodge Demon might betray you and you might consider it as a bulky vehicle, not suited for something like a drag race. But as evident from the above-mentioned specifications, the Dodge Demon is tailor-made for a drag strip with its quick acceleration abilities matching even the best sports cars in the business. The launching of the Dodge Demon at the New York Motor Show, which is the latest motor show of the year set the stage on fire and caught the attention of all and sundry.

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GLC SUV and Coupe by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes followed its tradition to launch new vehicles at the top car shows and showcased its GLC vehicles at the event. The showstoppers were the GLC SUV and Coupe, which mesmerized the audience with their stunning looks, empowering performance features and on flamboyant appeal.

GLC SUV and Coupe by Mercedes-Benz

The highlight of these vehicles was the V8 engine that Mercedes-Benz introduced in the GLC Series to compete its V8 rivals. Both the SUVs and Coupe in the GLC series boasted a 4.0-Litre Twin Turbo V8 engine and the coupe especially, received great accolades for its sensational 505 horsepower, something you won’t usually find in the cars of this segment.

Rimac Concept One – Defining New Limits for Power and Speed

Rimac is another scintillating vehicle that rocked the floor on the New York Auto Show and made great news all over the globe for its clever specifications and features. If the sports cars enthusiasts thought that the 2016 had done justice to its potential by beating a Tesla and Ferrari in a drag race, this year’s Rimac takes the performance to a whole new level.

Rimac Concept One – Defining New Limits for Power and Speed

Highlighting its major features, from the outside it is extremely aerodynamic giving it balanced efficiency. The sides have emotional lines that are not only well sculptured but also functional. Each surface and air intake serve a delicately balanced purpose – performance and efficiency. It features Monoblock 20-inch rims made by aluminum alloy that embrace the carbon ceramic brake discs.

In terms of performance specifications, it has a four-motor powertrain system consisting of an electric motor and a gearbox each, which is capable of producing 1224 horsepower and 1600Nm of torque. Its top speed is recorded to be 355 km/h and acceleration can go from 0-100km/h in a phenomenal 2.5 seconds.  

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk – Sports SUV in its truest sense

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk was revealed in the New York Autoshow and was introduced as the “quickest SUV ever.” The Cherokee Trackhawk has 707-horsepower and can go 0-60 km/h in 3.5 seconds. This performance is capable as it features the glorious Hellcat engine with an all-wheel drive system.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk – Sports SUV in its truest sense

The Cherokee Trackhawk is a sports SUV in its true sense, with a captivating 20-inch titanium wheels and a striking front end designed for maximum airflow. It come with a 6.2-litre of supercharged engine and 707 horsepower under the hood, providing uninhibited full-throttle action wherever you go. High Performance brake system keeps you in control with two-piece vented rotors with six-piston Brembo calipers.

This Cherokee model is said to be in production in 2018, complete with its array of powerful and heart pounding features.

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Cadillac CT6 with the new Cadillac’s Super Cruise feature

In this auto show, Cadillac also introduced the semi-autonomous technology that will allow to improve its adaptive cruise control safety features.

Cadillac CT6 with the new Cadillac’s Super Cruise feature

The new Super Cruise system will be able to alert the driver when they stop paying attention to the road and avoid any possible accident. This is similar to the Driver Attention Assist feature which used sensory facial features to detect drivers’ drowsiness. But with the Super Cruise feature, the system has added head tracking sensors to make sure the driver pay attention. This feature is said to provide comfort and convenience in long-distance travel and daily commutes.

These are some of the few cars revealed in one of the top car shows held last month. All the car showcased in the New York Auto show have the exclusive attention of all the big wigs of the industry. It is from such auto shows that concept and trending cars are revealed and then set forth for production.

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