Top Car Shows – 4 Highlights from Geneva International Motor Show

Top Car Shows – 4 Highlights from Geneva International Motor Show

Just like many other top car shows do, Geneva Motor Show also offers a delightful opportunity to car brands to launch, reveal and showcase their new cars. The car show dates of GIMS 2017 are from 9th of March to 19th of March 2017. Geneva International Motor Show 2017 claimed great appreciation with some amazing car debuts and introduction of latest automotive technologies. As the event has now finished, it is now time to reveal some of the biggest happenings from one of the world’s most prestigious auto event. While a number of amazing car debuts took place at the Geneva Auto Show, there were some astonishing technologies which were showcased by automotive giants.

Let’s dig deeper into the details of the 4 major highlights from the event:

Autonomous Technology Wasn’t the Biggest Highlight

Autonomous cars with self-driving technology have become a talking point for auto industry in the recent times but that was not the case at the Geneva Motor Show. Though autonomous cars of BMW and some other brands got appreciation and grabbed attention at the show, it wasn’t the biggest attraction of the event. None of the cars which received the maximum accolades at the show were not autonomous. Cars like Ferrari 812 Superfast, McLaren 720S and Volvo XC90 are among the ones which stole the maximum limelight at the show and none of these cars was autonomous. GIMS is one of the top car shows in the world and most of the events at this show portray the inclining of the automotive industry towards a specific trend or era.

 Smaller Names in the Car Industry Made Big News

The Geneva International Motor Show 2017 is not just about the giants of the car industry and even the relatively lesser-known names have made big news at the show. Some amazing new cars have been launched by the lesser-known car brands which is certainly a great news for the automotive industry overall. The presence of some of the sports car brands like Koenigsegg turned the show somewhat into a sport car show.

Following are some of most attractive cars launched by smaller companies at the Geneva Motor Show 2017:

  • Regera and Agera RS by Koenigsegg
  • 003S by SCG
  • 700HP CTR by RUF


There were many other cars revealed at the event which didn’t belong to famous car brands but they certainly stole the limelight just because of the amazing specifications and features.

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Focus Remained on Car Safety Features

Other than amazing cars and exciting concepts that were center of attention at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, safety features also remained an important discussion at the show. Cars of different types, classes and nature had their sheer emphasis on the safety features. Safety features are important in modern day cars as they can make any journey safe and add to the driving experience at the same time.

Focus Remained on Car Safety Features

Following were the car safety features which were mostly present in the cars launched and revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2017:

  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Drive Alert Systems
  • Lane Assist Technology
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Parking Assist
  • Voice Controls
  • Adaptive Headlights

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Eco-friendly Cars were the Talk of the town at Geneva Motor Show

Another talk of the town at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 were the hybrid and electric cars, all thanks to their fuel efficiency and zero emission cars. A number of famous and new car brands launched their eco-friendly cars which made great news throughout the automotive industry.
Following were the top of the table eco-friendly cars from the Geneva Motor Show 2017”

  • 2017 BMW i3
  • 2017 Kia Soul EV
  • 2017 Peugeot iOn
  • 2017 Toyota Auris Touring Sport
  • 2017 Volkswagen Golf

Being among the top car shows in the world the Geneva Motor Show has always remained opened to advanced automotive technologies launched by car brands. These cars are loaded with the features that not only support fuel efficiency in modern day vehicles but also help in conserving the natural environment. This is what made them very special at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017.

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