Everything you Need to Know About Auto Shows

Everything you Need to Know About Auto Shows

Auto shows are held globally, and they are a way to celebrate vehicles and welcome new ones. Attendees can purchase exclusive merchandise and have a look at innovative concept cars or a collection of vintage cars. The car show provides a great potential for businesses to boost sales by meeting customers one-on-one and tell them about their business. All this and so much more, auto shows have a variety to offer to a car enthusiast. Chances are there is an impressive show near your area.  If you have never visited an auto show but are curious to find out what they offer, here is everything you need to know.

Who Should attend an Auto Show?

The car show is an ideal event for car enthusiasts who love finding out more about cars and get visual entertainment by looking at glossy and prepped vehicles. As far as the right audience for these events is concerned, these shows can be attended by automotive photographers, journalists, and bloggers who can report about the show for their publications. Car aficionados, car dealers, professionals working in the automotive industry, and leading car manufacturers from all around the world also attend these events. These shows also attract celebrities, tech enthusiasts, and public figures who may be representatives for car brands or just attending for PR purposes.

Things to Do at an Auto Show

Auto shows are usually extensive, so it is best to come prepared, which means that it is ideal to carry water bottles and snacks with you. Some shows have refreshments but if you are not willing to spend much it is best to bring food from home. Some shows are held in open-air locations and may have sufficient space for you to place a chair and canopy to sit and enjoy your food.

If you have a unique car, or a collectible it is also a great idea to bring it along to show off at the event. Make sure to prepare the vehicle by thoroughly washing and applying wax to give it the ideal shine.

Interact with people attending the show to find out facts about vehicles and have a pleasant time. Since the cars shows exhibit new arrivals, to-be-launched vehicles, one-of-a-kind concept cars, sports cars, supercars, and some of the most fascinating vehicles you will ever see, it is best to click some photos with them for your social media.

Another interesting thing to know about car shows is that there are smaller events within the main car show. This means that there are a variety of activities including seminars, auctions, and even driving events that take place. It is best to check the event’s schedule and decide the shows that you want to attend.

You may be surprised by the amount of knowledge that you can gain by attending these auto shows. Attendees can also learn about car maintenance tips, learn about car parts, unique details about every model, the history behind vintage cars, and learn the value of vehicles.

Advantages of Auto Shows

Auto shows exhibit great business potential as they connect stakeholders from different corners of the world. It is an excellent opportunity for business meetings and partnership discussions. They can also benefit car brands who showcase their vehicles at the event as well as auto parts dealers.  Here some of the advantages of auto shows to the automotive industry:

An Opportunity for Direct Sales

Many attendees visit the auto shows to purchase a vehicle and this is an opportunity for them to compare all the options available out there.  According to a survey that was conducted between 2013 and 2014, among the 1185 participants, 84% claimed that they attended the event intending to purchase a vehicle. So, auto shows have a massive potential for sales conversions as they are attended by serious buyers. Around 70% of the attendees spoke to brand representatives that they were considering for their next purchase. Moreover, around 25% of the attendees participated in the ride or drive event at the auto show. Car manufacturers must consider attending major car shows as they can convert many attendees into buyers.

 Opportunity for Networking and Cost-Effective Marketing

Booking a spot at the auto show, setting up accommodations for representatives, arranging transportation for the vehicles, may seem expensive but considering the benefits of the event it is worth it.

These events are an incredible way to network with peers and potential customers. The product can be marketed to flocks of people at the same time, making auto shows are effective platforms from a marketing point of view. Since the event is also attended by influencers and public figures, it can be a good idea to interact with them and get shout-outs. Posts on social media can also contribute towards garnering leads and conversions.

Leave a Lasting Impression on the Attendees

Interaction and physical presence leave a bigger imprint on interested car enthusiasts and buyers. Car brands must utilize their time at the event creatively by creating engaging presentations and visual aids allowing the attendees to take a deep dive into their product. Creating high-resolution simulations can also offer the visitors a clear picture of what the vehicle has to offer. Brands must conduct activities that make them stand out so that attendees are interested in interacting with them and remember them after the event as well.

Popular Car Shows Around the Globe

Many major auto shows have a global reach, and they must be visited if you get the chance. Here are some major auto shows that are conducted annually, bi-annually, or after every two years.

  • Dubai International Motor Show
  • North American International Auto Show
  • London Motor Show
  • Tokyo Motor Show
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • British International Motor Show
  • Paris Motor Show
  • Woodward Dream Cruise
  • Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition


Auto shows offer both the attendees and participant brands an experience that they can gain from and enjoy. Knowing everything that an auto show can motivate car enthusiasts to keep a lookout for the next show near their area.

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