Amazing Concept Vehicles Revealed at International Auto Show CES 2017

Amazing Concept Vehicles Revealed at International Auto Show CES 2017

Various international auto shows held every year in various places of the world and many companies including the famous car brands revealed their concept vehicle in these auto shows. People always show their keen interest in these auto shows as they get to see all of their famous brands under one roof. On the other hand, companies get a chance to reveal their vehicles to masses under one roof.

CES is also an international auto show that held every year at the soil of Las Vegas and this international car show was also held in the year 2017. Various companies use the stage of this new car show to take the curtain off from their latest vehicles that also include concept vehicles. Here is the review of marvelous vehicles that were the part of 2017 CES auto show. These vehicles include Faraday future FF 91, Chrysler portal concept, Toyota concept I and BMW I inside future.

International Auto Show – Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday future FF 91 is a cool technological vehicle that is revealed at international car show CES in the year 2017. It is an electric vehicle with an amazing design that appeals people to give it a second look. This vehicle is equipped with an autonomous driving along with 3D Lidar, 10 high-definition cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors and 13 long and short-range radars.

Faraday Future FF 91 is able with a Self-Parking System, but yet this vehicle is able to self-park only at private parking spots and the location of the private parking along with a map must be verified. Faraday claimed that in future this vehicle will also be to self-park at public parking places as well.

The unique signature lights are fitted in the vehicle that is able to indicate the driving modes. The lights will change its color to blue for changing and in a white scrolling pattern when they indicate that the vehicle is in autonomous mode.

Faraday makes the future FF 91 to keep the track of passengers personal settings despite the fact on which seat of FF 91 they are sitting. On the other hand, for rear passengers, Faraday fitted a ubiquitous large horizontal screen and those screens will be able to display the information in the doors. The screen fitted in this technological vehicle is for both driver and passenger and the screens have a high resolution digital rearview mirror.

This vehicle is equipped with an electric motor and a Battery Systems and the Company claimed that this vehicle will set a world record due to its 0-60mph in just 2.39 seconds. It is said that this vehicle will also become the fastest EV on the planet and they also claimed that the vehicle will also cover 378 miles in electric range. It is an all-wheel drive vehicle and the company claimed that the electric motor will produce a horsepower over 1,000.

This vehicle has 3.5 degrees of rear axle steering, but on the other hand, yet the company did not reveal any information related to the weight of the vehicle and torque. The Faraday future FF 91 has also an ability to charge at more than 500 miles per hour.

Faraday said to produce the production version of Faraday Future FF 91 by 2019 and on the other hand, the price of this vehicle is yet not revealed.

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Chrysler Portal Concept

Chrysler Portal concept is a concept vehicle and it is revealed by Chrysler in a new car show 2017 CES. It is an all-electric concept vehicle that is first ever presented by Chrysler at the 2017 CES auto show. The shape of this concept vehicle is like a minivan and it is a self-driving vehicle that comes up with amazing technologies that include cameras, radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensors.

Chrysler Portal Concept

The Company claimed that this vehicle is equipped with four driving technologies that include three semi-autonomous driving and the fourth one is the fully autonomous mode that is an easy one.

Chrysler fitted fabulous technological features in this concept vehicle that include a massive OLED display screen with a voice control capabilities. On the other hand, the technological partners of this vehicle are Panasonic and Samsung.

This all-electric vehicle is fitted with Portals battery boasts that is able to cover 250 miles on a full charge. It has a 350 kilowatt DC fast charge and the battery is able to charge in just 20 minutes with 150 miles of range. Chrysler said that the Portal concept has a 100 Kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack.

The price of Portal concept is yet not revealed by Chrysler and it is expected that Chrysler will launch the production version of this vehicle in 2025.

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Toyota Concept-I

Toyota revealed its concept vehicle at international auto CES that was held in Las Vegas in the year 2017 and it has an al agent nickname called Yui. The Toyota concept-I is equipped with an artificial intelligence which means the system makes a contact with the riders as it is a self-driving vehicle.

Toyota Concept-I

The exterior door panels of this concept vehicle are equipped with screens and those screens display the greeting messages for the riders entering the vehicle. The rear end of the vehicle is also equipped with a screen that shows the messages to the vehicles that are behind the Toyota Concept-I.

The interior of this concept vehicle is simply mesmerizing as the entire dashboard is equipped with a digital screen and that screen is able to display the critical information, it also communicates messages via sound and touch. A head-up display is also a part of this vehicle that keeps the driver’s sightline. On the other hand, the floor of Toyota Concept-I is fitted with lights and these lights change the color according to the driving modes. The steering wheel of this concept vehicle is like a game controller and it is designed to create a strong bond between the rider and the vehicle.

Yet, Toyota did not reveal anything about the powertrain and the price of this concept vehicle. On another hand, the date of the production version of this vehicle is also not revealed yet.

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BMW I Inside Future

BMW revealed its concept vehicle BMW I Inside future at the new car show 2017 CES that was held in Las Vegas in 2017. It is future concept vehicle that is changing the concept of future vehicles and it is considered to be the key of the future premium mobility hinges on seamless transitions.

BMW I Inside Future

The Holo Active touchscreen is fitted in the vehicle next to the steering wheel and this Holo Active touchscreen is a Gesture control on steroids. This virtual touchscreen is fitted in the vehicle that is able to respond to the finger gestures and this touchscreen also provides the information about the feeling of the driver as tactile feedback. A widescreen is fitted in the vehicle that is spread from the drivers’ front to the passengers’ front and this screen displays the various information.

BMW fitted the touchscreen in the vehicle for rear passengers as well, it is a wide touchscreen that is able to fold down in the headliner. This touchscreen is able to show various information, programs, and entertainment. On the other hand, if the riders are not using touchscreen then it is able to be used as ambient lighting and these ambient lights are able to create an atmospheric experience.

BMW I Inside the future vehicle is also equipped with a bookshelf that is superbly placed beside the seats of the riders. It is designed to give the riders more like a home feeling.

 BMW designed this concept vehicle with two driving modes that include a self-driving and a manual driving. It depends on the driver that which driving mode he chooses, but the vehicle can sometimes give a suggestion about the self-driving. Mostly, the vehicle will suggest a self-driving in the traffic jams so that the driver can sit back and take a rest, but it also depends on the driver whether to accept the suggestion or to reject the suggestion.

Yet, BMW did not reveal the price of this vehicle and the launch date of its production version is also not revealed.

Bottom Line

The international auto show 2017 CES held every year in Las Vegas and various companies reveal their new and concept vehicles in this auto show. The vehicles have an amazing design that appeals people to must give them a second look and most of the vehicle are abled with self-driving and no doubt this feature makes the life of the people easier.

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