5 Biggest Auto Shows of the World

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Auto shows are always of great importance for whole automobile industry. The top car manufacturing companies of world launch their latest vehicles at these shows. We can say international auto shows provide them a huge platform to introduce their production and concept cars to the world. These shows get immense media coverage and large numbers of people participate in them. Let’s talk about biggest auto shows of the world and see what makes them so attention grabbing.

5 Biggest Auto Shows

International Geneva Motor Show

Geneva motor show is all about latest cars and debut of exciting vehicles from worldwide manufacturers of the car. It is held annually in month of March at Swiss city Geneva. This international auto show has become a significant event for automobile manufacturers, motor traders and vehicle dealers. In this show, production based and concept vehicles are unveiled to grab attraction of participants.

Frankfurt Motor Show

Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the biggest auto shows in world. It is a huge event where passenger and commercial vehicles are put on display. It is held annually and it is organized by German automotive industry. A large number of automobile manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ford Germany and Volkswagen etc bring their vehicles for debut into the show. The show is attended by a large number of motor traders, dealers, international media and general public. It has emerged as one of the popular shows of the world.

Paris Motor Show

Paris motor show has its own significance in international auto shows. At Paris motor show, new production cars and concept cars are launched and further traded. The latest trending vehicles are also brought to the show and grab the attention of participations. Primarily, it provides a huge international audience to French automakers to put their latest cars on debut.

paris biggest auto shows

Chicago Auto Show      

Chicago Auto Show is an American car exhibition which is held in North America. Mainly, this show is organized by Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA). It is the largest auto show of North America. It was first held in 1900’s and more than one million people participate in the show. CATA starts advance booking of tickets as it is a center of attraction for the international audience.

Tokyo Motor Show

We all know that Japan is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobiles. Usually, new production cars, concept vehicles and latest motorbikes from Japanese manufacturers are presented in the show. A large number of vehicle enthusiasts, auto manufacturers, dealers and international media attend the show. The show presents debuts from biggest manufacturers of Japan like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Nissan etc.

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